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Digital Electronics
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The Model DES-1000 Digital Electronics system includes:

DT-1000D Digital Trainer.
DB-1000B Display Board.
ML-6022-1D Table top power supply.
PIC-1000 Power interface cable
SMB-1000B Stepper Motor Board with Opto-coupled interrupter module.
SMB-5000 Servomotor Board.
CK-2001 TTL/CMOS Component Kit.
WK-1003 Wire Kit.
LP-560 Logic Probe.

Designed to accommodate the experiments manual Digital Electronics Principles and Applications by Roger Tokheim, all editions

DT-1000D & DB-1000A

The DT-1000D Digital Trainer supports a myriad of experiments with digital concepts and circuits. It is extremely flexible and has the following functions:
16-Bufferd LED's(14 red,1 yellow, 1 green).
12-Logic level switches (2-debounced).
1-Positive and negative one shot.
1-Continuously variablle square wave gen.
with high/low selection, TTL compatible.
1-Keyboard, 11-NO pushbutton switches.
1-0-20VDC Piezo buzzer.
1-5VDC Motor.
1-Relay 5VDC coil,SPST contact.
All above functions are brought out to a single terminal strip,54 4-tie point (1 row).
1-Full distribution strip,2 rows.
2-Solderless breadboard 16-14 DIP capacity. 

The DB-1000B Display board is used to teach various displays, and has the following functions:
1-Vacuum fluorescent display.
1-LCD Display.
3-Seven segment displays with current limiting resistors.1-LED with current limiting resistor.
1-54 4 tie point output conn.
WHD 5-1/4" X  7-1/8" X .063"ere to add text.
WHD88-3/4" X 7-1/8" X .093 d text.
DT-1000D & DB-1000A
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